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Two-piece toilets are a classic and enduring design, but their one-piece cousins have quickly gained popularity for a handful of pretty compelling reasons. Because the tank and seat come assembled, you don’t have to put two separate parts together, making installation much simpler – in fact, most one-piece units are fairly easy to install yourself. Their single unit design also allows for compact, space-saving and oftentimes contemporary designs better suited for modern-looking and/or narrow spaces, but one of the major benefits of a one-piece unit is that they’re easier to clean. Sans all the hard to reach nooks and crannies of two-piece units, especially around the assembly point of the tank and toilet seat, you’re job of maintaining a sanitary and squeaky clean bathroom becomes that much easier – so long as you pick the right unit. We’ve investigated the options, and here are our top picks.

TOTO Ultramax II Het Elongated One Piece Toilet

An industry favorite brand amongst contractors and plumbers, this one-piece unit comes with a sleek, snowy white finish without any of the tricky crevices dirt and dust can accumulate in, so you can keep it looking pristine and classy without having a nightmarish time cleaning up. In fact, the unit is designed not only to let you save water, but to keep your toilet clean with minimal effort from you. The Sanagloss glaze inside the bowl serves as an ion barrier that resists the accumulation of dirt and grime, sweeping everything clean with every flush, so you don’t have to put in much elbow grease when brushing it down. Meanwhile, the Double Cyclone mechanism of the gravity-flow flush system works overtime to suck all the waste out without clogging up your toilet or leaving it soiled – the wider, 3 inch flush valve allows the tank to dispense 1.28 gallons of water (much less than you’ll find other models using) from three directions, effectively getting rid of all waste with minimal staining or dirt left over, if any. Because of its low water usage, the unit has earned the WaterSense approved label of HET (High Efficiency Toilet), powerful and efficient, taking roughly ten seconds to refill the tank and operating smoothly, quietly and quickly.

The unit is of standard dimensions, elongated so it’s comfortable to sit on and with a 17-inch seat height accessible to most individuals. The toilet flushes with a push-handle or lever, located at the side of the tank.

WoodbridgeBath T-0005 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

There’s plenty to love about this unit – starting with its contemporary-meets-classic design, sure to complement any bathroom space while pulling off a high-end air with its clean edges and spotless white look. With a flush and smooth design, wiping down the unit without having to reach into any complicated crevices is an easy job, made even easier by the concealed trapway. The siphon flush design and glazed interior also do away with grime build-ups and clogs, a dual flush system giving you the option of saving water with a lower-volume flush cycle or going for the full flush cycle by holding both buttons down. Certified by WaterSense as a water-efficient toilet, the unit has both 1.0 and 1.6 gallons per flush capacities. Elongated and at comfort or chair height, this unit is not only functional but user-friendly for most adults, especially those who may have trouble getting on to and out of lower seated toilets, and comes with a highly durable soft-closing lid with stainless steel hinges, a much more attractive choice to types that slam loudly shut and might accidentally catch some fingers as they do.

Luxury Modern Home Galba Small Toilet

If you’re looking for the perfect compact but heavy-duty unit for a small space, this is a great option to consider. Sturdily built and classily designed, this is a minimalistic but contemporary unit to tuck into a corner of your washroom, its smooth and sleek edges not just aesthetically pleasing but easy to clean. A concealed trapway and sleek sides eliminate nooks and crannies where dirt and grime can accumulate. The interior is also glazed so the toilet bowl self-cleans every time you flush and doesn’t discolor or stain overtime, the 3-inch flush valve releasing a small volume of water quickly and forcefully enough to make for thorough cleaning action. WaterSense certified, these toilets also come with dual flush systems, with an adjustable 0.8 gallon per flush capacity for every half cycle, and 1.6 gallons per flush for a full cycle with both flush buttons held down. With an elongated bowl and seat height at about 17 inches, this water-efficient unit is still a comfortable one to use despite being compact.

TOTO Ultramax Round One Piece Toilet

Though an elongated option is also available, this round model with a 15 inch seat height is a perfect compact alternative if you’re looking to free up some space in your bathroom, while still remaining a functional and heavy-duty unit. With a sleek and pristine appearance and without the complex nooks and crannies of a two-piece unit, it’s easy to keep clean both outside and in, a glazed trapway and the sophisticated G-Max flush technology making for a powerful flush cycle to suck all the waste out of the toilet bowl. Forceful water pressure released from a large 3 inch valve backed by powerful siphon jets prevent clogs and staining. The soft-closing lid is another feature we’re all for, because not only are slamming lids loud and likely to break apart more easily from all that impact, but they also pose the risk of hurting kids or pets who aren’t able to push the lid all the way back properly. The seat is ergonomic and structured out of high gloss, wear-resistant polypropylene to last you many years of use. A 1.6 gallons per flush capacity also makes this a great water-saving option, with a flush handle or lever situated to the side of the tank, while the shorter height of the unit makes it ideal for kids or shorter individuals to use without difficulty.


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