How to Choose the Right Weight and Size for Your Weighted Blanket

At the higher end of the scale, weighted blankets that are approximately 20% of your body weight and 56 x 76 inches (I’ve seen bigger sizes being sold though) are safe to use. Yup. 20%. –Even though many people (including some professionals) will say to use 5-10% (+ 1 or 2 lbs) of your body […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Home Microscopes

Going into your first microscope purchase can be daunting – the technical jargon alone can be confusing if you’re not specifically aware of what you’re looking for, depending on your needs. Some will cost you as much as buying a car would, and make more sense if you’re going to be using it in a […]

Will a Sleeping Pad Make a Difference?

If you’re going camping or thru hiking for the first time, you might be surprised at the amount of thought and consideration you’re going to have to put into picking a sleeping pad – at least, if your goal is to get a proper night’s sleep when you’re in the outdoors without a comfy bed […]

Picking the Right Stethoscope

As a healthcare professional, if there’s one tool you’re guaranteed to be reaching for every single day you’re on duty, it’s your trusty stethoscope. Designed to pick up a range of sound frequencies and isolating them from external ambient noise so specialists can diagnose patients for further testing, stethoscopes play a direct role in helping […]

Why a Rowing Machine is an Excellent Way to Get Fit

If there’s ever been a game-changer in the workout world, in our humble opinion it would have to be a good ole’ rowing machine. At first glance, you might think you’re just working out your arms and hands, but it goes beyond that – in fact, a couple of hours a week on a rowing […]

Do Humidifiers Really Help?

As the winter months roll around, so does the need to adjust our lifestyles to cope with the dipping temperatures and drier conditions. Aside from the need to keep ourselves warm, one winter symptom that may often get overlooked is the degree of moisture in our environment – in other words, the humidity, referring to […]

How to Use Angle Grinders and Why They Are Useful

Angle grinders are quite arguably one of the most versatile power tools out there, a must-have not just for the professional handy-man, but also for us amateurs who prefer the do-it-yourself approach around the home. With a bunch of handy attachments you can switch about to do anything from cleaning out and sharpening your garden […]

What Makes a Great Penlight and Why?

Be it from a visit to the doctor’s or an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, you’ve probably come across a scene where a doctor or nurse whips out a trusty little penlight and sweeps it over the patient’s eyes. While penlights aren’t only exclusively used in the medical field, they are a staple that members of […]

Get to Know Knee Pillows and How They Can Help You

As beneficial as sleeping on our backs is, thanks to the natural alignment of the body it helps maintain and the enormous help it is when we’re down with acid reflux, the stats show that the most popular sleeping position by far for the majority is on our sides. Some 15% individuals prefer sleeping on […]

How a Cat Tree Can Do Wonders for Your Feline Friend

No matter how big a part parkour has played in video games like the Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted franchises, or how drastically it went viral around 2014, we can all agree on the pioneers of this extreme sport – cats. Our four legged feline friends put ninjas to shame with their ability to climb the […]

How Dethatching Can Benefit Your Lawn

Dethatching is not supposed to be a regular part of your lawn care routine, but nonetheless can make a crucial difference when carried out at the right time. The process involves using a dethatching tool – which, depending on the complexity of the task at hand, could be anything from a thatching rake to a […]

What to Look For When Purchasing Safety Boots

As the saying goes, better safe than sorry – and as with all protective gear, this applies to safety boots as well. Having the right pair can make all the difference at your worksite, potentially saving you from burns, fractures, metatarsal injuries, puncture wounds, lethal slippage and more – with emphasis on the word ‘right’. […]

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