The Best Jogging Stroller for the Beach

Not all strollers are made equal, and when you’re planning to hit the beach, any old push carriage won’t do. From navigating through sand without sinking into it to screening your little ones from all that damaging ultraviolet radiation of stark sunlight, jogging strollers – especially all-terrain jogging strollers specifically designed to handle the obstacles of a more challenging outdoor environment – are the better choice when it comes to the beach.

Whether you’re going running with your little one, or simply want a place for them to snooze safely without you having to carry them or without exposing them directly to too much sun or wind, jogging strollers pack a bunch of features handy to have when conquering the dune-y, uneven planes of sandy terrain. Rugged, large and air-filled tires, shock-absorbing suspension systems and 5-point harness systems are all integral features to make sure your baby isn’t bumping around or getting hurt as you wheel them along the shore, adjustable canopies letting you keep those harmful UV rays out. So which are the best jogging strollers for the beach? Here are our top picks.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

This travel-ready, all-terrain stroller easily rolls into our top spot (see what we did there?) with its impressive qualifications not just as the perfect stroller for a day at the beach but for anything from grass to gravel too. The swiveling front wheel allows you to make sharp or tight turns with optimum control, usable indoors and for casual walks down the street, while the lockable feature transforms it into a fixed front wheel jogger you can use to go for your runs without the fear of the wheel suddenly turning and unbalancing your stroller.

The adjustable suspension system, with three inches of travel and two inches of weight support, along with robust, air-filled polymer wheels with high impact absorptive power, ensure your stroller can withstand all the bumps and dips of a sandy beach without struggling to get the grip needed to move forward without sinking in or causing your baby any discomfort from the shocks of any ups and downs. Compatible with the B.O.B Infant Car Seat Adapter, and designed with an intuitive two-step fold-up system that lets you stow the stroller away for transport, this is an incredibly travel-friendly stroller, a great companion to have when you’re exploring the outdoors with your little ones.

One of the features of this unit that we greatly appreciate – apart from, of course, how easily it’ll conquer the beach – is the adjustable handlebar. With nine available positions, adults of any height can comfortably push and run with this stroller without compromising their posture and subjecting themselves to neck and shoulder sprains along the way, a wrist-strap letting you ensure the stroller never gets away from you. A spacious storage basket under the seat is a handy place to carry everything you’ll need, from toys to sunscreen lotion to diaper bags and snacks, adjustable reclining seat perfect for letting your baby sit upright to take in the world around them or lay back and snooze under the shade of the foldable UPF 50+ canopy. A 5-point harness keeps you child strapped in and secure, but comfortable.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, Phantom

An all-terrain stroller sporting a reasonable price tag, this unit’s large, sturdy air-filled bicycle tires allow you to navigate uneven and tricky terrains with complete ease, the front swivel wheel lockable when you want to go running or strolling along sandy beaches or rougher outdoor-scapes. A rear parking brake offers you an additional measure of safety and control, while a sturdy 5-point harness system keeps your baby safely buckled in, minimizing any likelihood of bumps and scrapes almost entirely. We love the ratcheting adjustable canopy of this unit, letting you screen your little passenger from excessive sunlight, wind or other unfriendly elements, the multi-position reclining seat letting them both sit up and play or lay back and nap away, a screen window letting you flip the cover away occasionally to check on them.

The stroller comes with some great user-friendly attributes, equipped with both a parent and child tray, fitted with cup holders to keep both you and your baby hydrated, as well as a roomy storage basket to hold on to everything else you need on hand while outdoors. The one-hand folding mechanism lets you quickly snap the unit into a more portable mode suited for transport, the wheels detachable to make it easier to carry and stow in a car or for storage.

Graco Relay Click Connect Jogging Stroller Travel System

This isn’t just a stroller – with Graco’s Snug Ride Click Connect 35 Infant Car Seat as part of the package, it’s a great travel system for your little one too. Large air-filled tires with a swivel-locking front wheel let you overcome rougher terrain, from gravel pathways to sandy beaches, top-notch suspension system absorbing any bumps and shocks and giving your baby a smooth, calming ride. The folding, weather-resistant canopy offers UV50 protection to keep out those harmful ultraviolet rays, the multi-position reclining seat padded and breathable with a convertible 3- and 5-point harness to keep your baby safely and comfortably strapped in.

We also love the unit’s parent console, featuring not just cup holders within easy reach but also handy zippered storage and a phone pocket, great to keep your handheld in if you’re tracking your progress with a fitness app, listening to music, or just don’t want to miss any phone-calls or messages while on the go. A larger storage basket under the seat gives you enough room for diaper bags, toys and other supplies too.

Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Jogging Stroller

Incredibly portable, this lightweight unit can be folded up one-handed, ideal for carrying aboard cars and even airplanes as checked-in luggage. Large air-filled tires with a front swivel wheel lock system gives you the edge over sandy dunes to roll right along the beach without sinking in or getting bogged down, hand brakes giving you more control when navigating slopes or other uneven terrain as well.

A shock-absorbing suspension system makes for a smooth and disruption-free ride for the kids, the unit also available as a double-stroller, perfect if you’re worried about dividing attention between your children – in fact, the unit is compatible with a glider board if you have an older child who has outgrown strollers but would still love to be wheeled along with their sibling. The well-ventilated and adjustable UV 50+ canopy shields your passenger from the sun and other unruly elements, a little flap-covered window letting you peek in to check on your child while side vents keep the carriage airy. An under-seat storage basket lets you take your essentials along with you.





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