The Best Jogging Stroller for Gravel Roads

Hitting the road with your baby swaddled up in a jogging stroller is definitely recommended over risking the sidewalk, but what if your usual jogging path or the closest low-traffic routes aren’t smoothly-laid tarmac? The bumps and unevenness of rougher terrain are unfriendly to regular strollers, and even lightweight jogging strollers may have trouble coping, risking jostling your baby around and hurting or injuring them, not to mention heightening the likelihood of the stroller snagging and getting destabilized, putting both you and your baby in danger of getting potentially seriously hurt.

Fortunately, though, the right kind of stroller can equip you to handle these less kindly terrains, so you won’t have to say goodbye to your favorite scenic routes down dirt trails and gravel paths. Jogging strollers already feature a fixed front wheel to give you the right leverage to pick up speed and navigate uneven surfaces, from grass to gravel, but units purpose-built with good suspension systems, handbrakes, safety harnesses to keep your baby securely fastened in their seat and so on are just some of the features to expect from a great all-terrain jogging stroller. So which options fare the best on gravel paths? Here are our top picks.

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller

You don’t have to worry about sending your baby clattering over the jarring rugged stretches of gravel pathways thanks to this unit’s careful combination of features, formulated to give you the most control over all types of terrain. The front wheel, smaller than the rear pair to let you get over inclines and low bumps with ease, features a swivel-lock – the unit can be used indoors and for a more casual pace, the swivel feature letting you turn tight corners easily, but can also be locked firmly into a fixed position when you need to go jogging for extra stability, be it through grass, gravel or sand.

The air-filled tires are rugged, structured out of high-impact polymer, the unit featuring an intuitive, adjustable suspension system with 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support giving your stroller the adaptability to handle the challenges of different environments, absorbing impact and shock and keeping your baby safe while letting you jog along without disruption. A 5-point safety harness secures your baby into place in the padded, comfy confines of the stroller for the journey, simple recline adjustment allowing you to let your little one sit up and explore their surroundings with you or lay back and nap the trip away. A foldable, UPF 50+ canopy, meanwhile, keeps the sun and other rogue elements out.

Packed with a whole laundry-list of impressive features as this unit is, one feature that we feel deserves a special shoutout are the height adjustable handlebars. Thanks to the nine available positions, you can work out the handlebar height best suited to your height and go jogging without risking cramps and sprains in your shoulder and neck, or unhealthy, potentially debilitating running postures. This also means the unit is perfectly usable by more than one person, handy when you’re not the only one looking to take the stroller for a spin.

The unit is a great travel-friendly stroller as well, folding up with a simple two-step mechanism ideal for tucking into the trunk of a car or away for storage, and is comfortable with the B.O.B Infant Car Seat to transform the unit into a complete travel system for your little one.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

A budget stroller with some really user-friendly features, the large, rugged and air-filled bicycle tires of this unit give you the edge you need to take on gravel pathways, the swivel-locking front wheel giving you the control and stability needed to navigate rougher terrain and slopes. Usable both for light jogging and for walks where a standard stroller wouldn’t be able to cope, the unit features a 5-point harness system and tether straps to keep your baby safely buckled down but comfy in the padded seating with adjustable recline features, the large, ratcheting foldable canopy letting you screen out excessive sun and wind. A mesh window screen along the back of the stroller allows both plenty of ventilation as well as the chance to keep an eye on your child without having to stop and go around the stroller every time you want to check on them.

For total user convenience, the unit comes complete with a parent tray by the ergonomic handlebar, with two cup holders, as well as a hinged child tray that can be moved to the side as you buckle your baby in before moving it back to hold their baby bottles, sippy cups or toys. A roomy under-seat basket also gives you plenty of carry-on storage capacity for supplies like diaper bags, extra bottles and more. The stroller is foldable, and can be transported and stored with ease.

Mountain Buggy Terrain Premium Jogging Stroller

This impressive stroller features not just a locking front wheel, but a front wheel with three adjustable modes: swivel, lock back and lock forward, to give you maximum maneuverability and adaptability on different terrains and environments. In fact, the unit emphasises control with features like the drum brake located at the handlebar letting you control your momentum and speed when on a slope or incline as well as pedal brakes to bring your stroller to a complete stop, rugged air-filled tires offering the right grip, endurance and stability to roll through gravel and sand alike while the front wheel includes a tracking device to keep you on course. A sturdy shock absorbing suspension system makes for bump-free riding even on gravel paths, adjustable handlebar positions allowing you to work out the most comfortable angle to push and jog along with at any height.

With a 5-point harness to buckle your baby safely in and a foldable weather-resistant canopy to keep the elements out, the unit also features a fully reclining back (unlike most other joggers) and a pair of 12 inch rear wheels you can switch out for the 16 inch wheels used for the jogger mode to use this as a regular stroller for children younger than 6 months, who can’t sit up by themselves yet.

Baby Trend Expedition Race Tec Travel Jogger

A travel system complete with stroller and stroller-compatible Ally 35 Infant Car Seat, the unit’s large, air-filled all-terrain bicycle tires let it take on gravel paths with much more ease than a regular stroller could, the swivel-lock front wheel giving you better control and stability as you jog. A 5-point harness and tether strap system and large, adjustable canopy keep your baby safe, snug and secure, a multi-position reclining back allowing them to play or snooze in peace. The unit also features parent and child trays with cup holders and a storage basket under the seat to hold your water bottles, baby formula, diapers, purse and more.



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