The Best Cat Tree for Kittens

Cat trees are all but necessities in the home of a cat parent – they’re an all-in-one solution to our furry friends’ natural instincts to climb, scratch and mark up their territory, giving them a space indoors that is entirely their own so they can feel safe and secure, while minimizing the destruction they might otherwise have wrought around your home.

Elevated surfaces allow cats to scope out the environment around them, making them feel safer since they can see potential opponents approaching, while a space they can mark up exclusively with their scents helps bring them a sense of comfort and deters problematic behavior like fighting other pets or peeing to stake claim on places around your home.

Picking the right cat tree for a kitten can be tricky though – cats do grow up fast, and picking something too small for a large cat breed might, for instance, end up with a cat tree too small for your Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat to navigate or settle on comfortably, eating up space in a corner of your home. On the other hand, if you have a small cat breed, picking cat trees built to accommodate your average adult Siamese or Burmese cat is a good guarantee that your kitten will grow into the tree rather than outgrow it. Take a look at our top picks for the ideal cat tree for kittens and small cats.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree

Designed with small cats in mind, this 51 inch tall structure is a luxurious combination of compressed wood and faux fur for your kittens to snuggle down and be comfy in, with sisal rope wrapped around posts to assuage all their scratching needs and in turn keeping your walls and furniture safe. The unit features a snug little cubby hole, and four platforms, including the base and the roof of the cubby hole, making this a great unit if you have more than one kitten hankering to put their ninja training into practice and scoping out their kingdom from the highest perch they can find.

The cubby hole is 16 inches by 16 inches by 9.5 inches, perfectly snug for a kitten or small cat to cuddle down in and snooze out of sight, a great option for timid or nervous kittens and cats who feel safer when they’re relatively out of sight and don’t have to keep their guard up in anticipation of potential attackers or opponents. The top perch features a dangly toy to encourage your kitty to play, pouncing and swatting encouraging exercise of its natural instincts as well as keeping it occupied and fit, the multiple platforms and height of the trees great for kitties who love to climb and feel safer at a height.

TRIXIE Baza Scratching Post with Hammock

Simple, inexpensive, but extremely effective in functionality and aesthetic, we are in love with the metal rim reinforced hammock of the Original Baza cat tree (in the smallest size for kittens and smaller cats). The sturdy tree means even the most playful of kitties leaping on and off it won’t destabilize it, which is extremely important, since many elevated cat condos might wobble, and the feeling of instability may make your kittens nervous or afraid of using the tree, or might tip over and potentially hurt your cat or yourself.

The structure may be minimalistic, but it does what it does well – the soft, long-haired plush of the bottom platform and downy hammock are incredibly comfortable for kittens to snooze and relax in, sturdy sisal rope around the posts doubling as rugged scratching posts for your kittens to trim their claws without damaging your couch or curtains instead. A dangly pompom toy also promises to keep your kitten entertained, letting him or her swat and pounce at it.

MidWest Homes for Pets Escapade Cat Furniture

A brilliant option for a home with more than one cat, this multi-tiered cat tree is structured out of delightfully soft faux fur your kitten is going to adore curling up in, sisal posts easily accessible to tamp the scratching urges of your kittens and keep your furniture free of claw marks. We absolutely love that as well as giving your cats plenty of vertical space to climb – which is great if you have more than one cat, since they can find elevated perches without getting into fights for dominance – there is a variety in the tiers available.

A wide resting bench and lounging perch let your cat keep a lookout on their environment or leap up and down like the furry little acrobats they are, the lounging lookout and bolstered bed perfect for your cat to snuggle down and snooze in, especially since cats often feel safer in enclosed spaces where they feel secure from potential attackers and opponents. This gives them plenty of space to mark up as their own, cutting down the number of times you find your kitty curled up in a plant pot or a shoe box.

FEANDREA Cat Tree Condo House

A sturdy option reinforced with CARB-certified board and a base stabilized with battens make this a great option for your kitten to climb on and off of, without risking it tipping over, wobbling or otherwise making your cat afraid to be on or around it. A plushy hanging basket is the perfect spot for your kitten to curl up in to snooze, snug and secure, a dangly pompom toy hanging above it to swat at and play with to exercise their pouncing instincts, while an elevated plushy perch lets them keep a lookout of their surroundings or relax on a high surface as they get a lay of the land. The supports are wrapped with sisal rope to double as scratching posts, perfect for trimming claws and climbing.


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