The Best Whiteboard for Studying

Whiteboards are great study tools for visual and tactile learners. Drawing out and practising diagrams, going through a slew of equations or noting down pages worth of notes in bite-size chunks is a lot more convenient on a board you can wipe down and re-use than umpteen stacks of paper – not to mention, a lot more sustainable and environmentally friendly, too. Whiteboards also offer a ton of versatility, what with colorful markers and magnets letting you customize your study material in a way that increases interactivity and encourages information retention, partly the rationale that’s made them a staple in classrooms despite the advent of smartboards and other IT-powered learning. But full-length wall-attached whiteboards won’t cut it for individual studying – where would we put it, after all? A classroom-standard whiteboard would eat up a lot of wall-space in our bedrooms or studies, not to mention not exactly being an aesthetic addition to our décor. When it comes to personal study whiteboards, compactness, convenience and versatility are the factors we’re keeping an eye out for– here’s a look at our top picks checking that list.

Navy Penguin Whiteboard Set

This 15 by 12 inch whiteboard means business with its repertoire of handy features. The adjustable hanging hooks can be moved around to suit your mounting preferences, be it to space out the hooks between the nails or latches you already have attached to your wall or surface of choice, or to let you decide between hanging the board up horizontally or vertically. With a protective, removable plastic covering to make sure you get a flawlessly smooth board from the get-go, the board also comes with a magnetic white board eraser you can attach to the board’s magnetized surface or keep on the attachable eraser tray, two magnetized dry erase markers and two cute little magnets to pin up notes or reminders. The marker caps come with built-in erasers for quick corrections to small areas of the board, making this perfect as a study board to scribble down notes or draw detailed diagrams on. The board comes with a lifetime guarantee, the resin-painted steel surface and aluminum frame making for incredible durability and longevity.

Mr. Pen- Dry Erase Board, 14” x 11”

If you’re looking for a more compact and portable option, this 11 by 14 inch whiteboard is the perfect choice. Big enough to double as a largish clipboard, it’s the perfect size for using at your desk, sat on your lap or on the go without being restrained to standing by a wall all the time. If you do prefer to have your whiteboard hung up, though, this handy little slate comes with double-sided Velcro strips that let you easily mount it to any flat surface, the size just right if you have limited wall space or wish to stick this up against your fridge or closet door. The magnetic whiteboard comes with a cork magnet you can use to pin notes or posters to the board, while clip-on accessories can be attached along the sides. Included also is a U-brand medium point dry erase marker, with a built-in eraser on the cap – the smooth, glossy surface of the magnetic board resists staining and ghosting, so a swipe of the eraser or a damp cloth is going to help you clean the board right down to re-use.

Quartet Magnetic Dry-Erase Board

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This is the perfect size and shape for use at home, the 17 inch by 23 inch dimensions usable both horizontally or vertically based on your preference. The board comes with a hang-up kit to let you set it up against your wall, but is also compact and lightweight enough to let you use it as a slightly oversized clipboard you can slip behind your desk when you’re not using it. If you choose to display the board, you can select from three attractive frame finishes in black, white or wood-style laminate, seamlessly fitting in to whichever space you intend to use it in – not to mention, you can pretend teach an imaginary class with it hung up against the wall, one of our favorite, if not most effective, ways of using a whiteboard to learn.

Apart from dry erase markers, the whiteboard also comes with two magnets you can use to pin your notes, schedules, reminders or even decorative images and motivational messages to the magnetic surface of the board, letting you personalize it should you choose and make the study business less tedious and more dynamic.

KoalaBear Brand Dry Erase Stickers

If a physical whiteboard is too cumbersome for you, and/or you want something bigger than a standard compact option for sprawling notes and drawings, this is a brilliant solution for your needs. This 17 by 78 inch PVC decal rolls straight on to smooth surfaces or stretches of wall, with the option to cut it up into smaller segments to suit your needs – say because you want multiple whiteboard surfaces for different subjects – thanks to the gridlines along the back. The stick-on option is a great alternative to mounting up a whiteboard using a hook and nails you might have to screw into the walls, the decal coming rolled up to prevent it from creasing so you receive a seamless surface to use from the get-go. The decal is removeable – though you are advised to make sure the surface you’re going to use it on isn’t textured or uneven, with no chipping or crumbling drywall – guaranteed not to leave behind any glue residue when you peel it off.

The decal comes with an eco-friendly, refillable dry erase marker promising to let you write for a whopping 400 meters, and an anti-microbial cleaning towel you can use to wipe the smooth, bubble-free surface down and leave it perfectly spotless. For more stubborn stains or ghosting, just soak the towel in a little water, and you’re good to go.


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