The Best Pneumatic Staple Gun

Despite their bulkier constitution, pneumatic staple guns have their share of pros, making them pretty much an industry staple (pun intended) when it comes to construction work. They require less maintenance than their electric counterparts, and work faster and more efficiently than them too. Their in-built, air-powered mechanisms also make them more portable, since they don’t have to be plugged in, a huge advantage when you’re undertaking construction or renovation work and don’t have multiple power sockets around to maneuver among. But which pneumatic staple guns have proven themselves worthy? Here are our top picks.

Hitachi N3804AB3 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler

One of the many great design choices with this staple gun that land it at the top is the 360-degree exhaust, letting you turn it away in any direction so as not to have recycled air blowing into your face and your work-in-progress as you set about with a carpentry or carpeting project. At 2.3 pounds, it’s also the lightest entry on this list, making it more carry-friendly than most bulky pneumatic staple guns.

Operating within a pressure range of 70-120 per square inch (PSI), this staple gun is designed to hold 18-gauge crown staples of lengths 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches, with a depth adjustment dial that lets you pick the appropriate stapling depth for different materials, pushing in staples seamlessly and unobtrusively for anything from furniture you’re assembling to a new cornice board. The hose fitting comes installed with this staple gun, angled away from the user and what you’re working on, so it doesn’t get in your way as you use it.

Another feature we love in this staple gun is that it accommodates both sequential and bump mode stapling, letting you switch between either depending on the project at hand. Sequential or single mode works best for jobs that require precision, with dual-level triggers – first you press the nose of the device up to the spot you wish to staple, before pushing down the staple-trigger. Bump or contact actuation mode is better suited for jobs that require speed, making for rapidfire stapling as you simultaneously push the gun’s nose to the surface and pull the trigger. With a balanced construction and a slip-proof, ergonomic grip, this user-friendly 100-staple capacity pneumatic staple gun is perfect for beginners and experts alike.


This model operates on sequential mode, meaning once a staple has been released, you have to remove your finger from the trigger and press it again to dispatch another staple. This reduces the overall risks of jamming or misfiring a staple, and gives you better control as you work with the device, especially as sequential mode staple guns work by pressing the nose flush against the surface you’re meant to be stapling, and then pushing the trigger, allowing for better precision. The NS150C comes with a non-marring tip that won’t scuff up or scratch the surfaces you use it against, with a depth adjustment dial included to let you work with anything from carpeting to upholstery to soundproofing projects with the appropriate staple depth to hold everything seamlessly in place.

The NS150C works with 18-gauge staples of 1/4-inch crowns and lengths between 1/2 to 1½ inches, with a magazine capacity of 100 staples, designed with a split nose that lets you remove jammed or bent staples easily. The staple gun comes with an adjustable belt hook to conveniently carry it around with you on the job so you always have it on hand when you need it, the handle with an ergonomic rubber grip for ease of use and a body made out of lightweight but highly durable magnesium. The pneumatic gun also comes with a reload indicator, handy to let you know before you run out that it’s time to load some more staples.

Surebonder 9600 Pneumatic Fine Wire Staple Gun

Though it’s important to note that the air compressor has to be bought separately for this unit too, this Surebonder still scores up points by being one of the best upholstery staple guns in the market and one of the most lauded pneumatic staple guns as a whole, usable for diverse applications from woodwork to wool-work. The staple gun comes with an adjustable exhaust that lets you aim the expelled air away from yourself and your project, a carry-case, tool oil to ensure the smooth running of the staple gun, and an Allen wrench for easy repairs and maintenance.

The magazine has a capacity of 100 staples, easy and efficient to load and reload, designed to hold 18-gauge, 3/8-inch crown staples of lengths 1/4 to 9/16 inches, working well with Surebonder #4 staples but also the ever-popular Arrow T-50 and Stanley TRA700 series.

Lightweight, clocking in at 3.2 pounds as the second lightest staple gun on this list, the balanced construction and ergonomically designed rubber handle make gripping and using this staple gun a breeze, not requiring too much user exertion. An in-built safety feature ensures the gun can’t be fired unless the nose is flush to a surface, pulling the trigger then dispatching a staple, making this a sequential mode staple gun for maximum precision and preventing accidental firing.

Dewalt DWFP1838R 18-Gauge Stapler

Featuring a removable non-marring tip that won’t damage the surface you’re about to staple, this air-powered staple gun holds 100 staples at a go in its bottom-loading magazine, with an operating pressure range between 70-120 PSI. Versatile with its ability to dispense staples of lengths 1/2 to 1-1/2 inches, of the 18-gauge, 1/4-inch crown variety, this staple gun operates exclusively in sequential mode. Equipped with a reload indicator to let you know when you should be getting ready to clip out the magazine to restock it, the staple gun also comes with several other handy design features including a belt attachment that lets you keep the gun on you as you set about your project. The lightweight magnesium construct makes it easy to carry, the depth-of-drive adjustment knob allowing you to customize how you staple for different surfaces and purposes. While the staple gun does feature a rear exhaust, it isn’t an adjustable one, so you’ll have to be mindful to stay out of the exhaust’s way when you’re knuckling down for some quick-fire stapling.


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