The Best Pancake Maker

Paper thin, the right combination of soft and crispy, and stuffed with anything from ham and cheese to a fresh selection of berries and a dusting of icing sugar, crepes are a much-beloved French delicacy that we’d love to enjoy not just while roaming the streets of Paris, but in our own homes for a lazy Sunday brunch. But nailing the thin but perfectly circular consistency of crepes is a lot more difficult than street vendors have us believe. In a regular stainless steel pan, flipping the crepe or keeping the batter from sticking to the bottom might take plenty of practice – but this doesn’t have to deter us. Thanks to electric crepe cookers, we get to live by the principle of ‘set it and forget it’, nailing perfect crepes every time.

The pan or hotplate heats evenly and consistently, with variable temperature controls working great not just for paper thin layers of pancakes but for their denser cousins, like Scotch pancakes, so we can flip without fearing our pancakes are going to fall apart in the process, and even cook a full breakfast with a unit doubling as a mini-griddle. We’ve shortlisted our picks for the best versatile pancake makers that we think are worth your money.

Morning Star Crepe Maker Pro

This unit, with its 13-inch hotplate, comes with its own batter spreader and a raised lip to let you get the shape and size of your crepes just right, with variable temperature settings and consistent heating technology to let you cook not just papery thin crepes, but also pancakes, bacon, eggs and more. The non-stick, aluminum pan is easy to clean down and great for cooking runny or thin batter based foods like dosa, crepes and tortilla as well as nailing flatbreads or warming up pizza. If you’re making crepes and are nervous about flipping or serving them, we also recommend looking into a crepe spatula to make the business easier for you.

The lightweight griddle comes with a carry handle to make it easy to transport, with space to let you wrap the cord around the base when the unit is not in use. This makes it a great portable griddle to take with you for camping or road-trips, so you’re able t

NutriChef Electric Crepe Maker Griddle

A brilliant countertop unit which saves space and effort, the precise temperature control settings and indicator lights notifying you when the hotplate is ready to go give you much better control over nailing the perfect pancake, every time. In fact, the unit comes with both a batter spreader as well as a wooden spatula designed to let you flip, fold and dish out crepes perfectly. The 12 inch, non-stick aluminum pan is also brilliant for cooking eggs, thicker pancakes, bacon and more. With a no-fuss design you can show off in front of family and friends as you cook up fresh crepes or a full breakfast, use in a trailer or camper, and store away with ease, the crepe-maker-slash-griddle comes with a lip that’ll prevent runny batters spilling off along the sides, to keep the mess in your kitchen at a minimum.

CucinaPro 12” Crepe Maker and Electric Griddle

The 12-inch hotplate and T-shaped batter spreader let you create perfectly circular crepes with ease, five available temperature presets giving you more control over the cooking process. The non-stick, aluminum pan can be used to cook anything from pancakes to eggs and bacon, with indicator lights to let you know when the pan is hot enough to start cooking. Simple to wipe clean and store away when not in use, we recommend using a crepe spatula to flip, fold and serve your crepes if you don’t want to risk ruining their perfect shapes. The minimalistic and modern unit comes with rubberized feet for extra grip and stability, and is compact enough to not take up too much storage or counter space.






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