The Best Office Chair for a Short Person

If there’s one thing short and tall people have in common, it’s that both groups have difficulty finding a good chair to accommodate their frames comfortably. While taller folks find themselves scrunching up uncomfortably in chairs that leave their knees bent and shoulders hunched up, shorter individuals find it difficult to keep their feet planted on the ground without perching at the edge of their seat – which doesn’t do our bodies any favors.

Sitting with our knees at ninety degrees, at the same level as our hips, and with the appropriate lumbar support to keep our spine properly and naturally aligned, is extremely important not just to keep us comfortable for hour-long sessions spent sat before a desk but also in the long-run, to alleviate or prevent the eventuality of back pain and other joint or nerve related ailments. With legs dangling off the ground, we put sprain on our hips and lower back, unhealthy circulation also making for pinched nerves, cramped muscles and stiffness when we finally get up – all very debilitating for prolonged periods of time. Knowing what to look for, though, can make our quest for the right chair much easier. Take a look at our picks for the best office chair for a short person.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

If there has ever been a ‘one size fits all’ chair, it would be this one. Cleverly designed and intuitive to accommodate the unique body frames and heights of different individuals, this chair is suited for use by tall and short people alike thanks to its incredible adjustability, adapting to the movements, shapes and sizes of the individual using it. With a minimum seat height of 15 and a half inches to let the shortest of us get a good foothold on the ground, the brand’s trademark LiveBack technology makes every element of this chair fluid and adjustable.

The ingenious design of the chair allows it to intuitively change shape as you move, the backrest adjusting to the movement and curvature of your spine, offering full body support and making for a highly flexible, revolutionary ergonomic chair, unsurprisingly snagging the top spot of our list. From a forward gliding seat that lets you recline while still keeping your body aligned for work without twisting or cramping you up, to the 4-way adjustable arms that can be configured for height, width, depth and pivot so you get to relax and rest your shoulders and neck, this chair is engineered to intuitively adjust to keep your body properly and naturally aligned.

Alera EL42BME10B Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt Chair

With a minimum seat height of 14 inches, and a maximum of 20 inches – adjustable using the hex key the chair comes with – this is the perfect versatile option for those of us who find it difficult to touch the floor with more than just the tips of our toes when seated in an average chair. This seat height lets shorter individuals plant their feet firmly on the ground and keeps the pressure off the hips and lower back, the waterfall edge of the seat encouraging healthy blood circulation and reducing the likelihood of leg fatigue, cramps and stiffness from prolonged periods of sitting.

The armrests are also height and width adjustable, meaning you can tinker around and reconfigure the chair to perfectly complement your frame and ensure your shoulders aren’t sagging or hunched up around your ears, instead getting the chance to relax and remain naturally aligned. Firm but comfortable, high-quality fabric upholstery and a contoured seat ensures your lower body is properly supported, while the mesh backrest keeps you airy and cool without the risk of overheating. The chair features a tilt function to let you recline and give your back a break from all that sitting, as well as smooth-rolling caster wheels and swivel features for maximum mobility.

Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair Mesh Computer Chair

A minimum height of about 18 inches keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground with this attractive PU leather upholstered chair, offering adjustable lumbar support and segmented memory foam padding to give you the full body support you need to keep comfortably seated for long stretches without misaligning your spine or straining your shoulders or hips. Adjustable arm width and height lets you keep your shoulders straight and aligned, neck free of cramps and aches, while the tilt lock feature lets you rock your chair back to catch a break and give your back, joints and muscles a chance to relax after all that sitting upright as well.


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