The Best Ladder for RVing

Ladders are all but an indispensable part of the life of an RV-enthusiast – or we strongly recommend that it should be. How else are you going to access the roof, clean up the high sides, inspect conditions way above eye-level and carry out necessary repairs? Some RVs do come with their own integrated ladder around the back, but quite a few horror stories of cheaply made or flimsy options giving way under an unsuspecting victim have us cautious, so we prefer picking our own, sturdy and long-wearing options.

The ideal ladder for an RV should be both tall enough to let you look over the top of your vehicle without you climbing on to the top four rungs (the highest standing level being below this to ensure you and the ladder don’t lose your balance and take a nasty tumble) while also being lightweight and portable enough to not take up too much space and be too cumbersome when you already have limited space on the road. Typically, a good A-frame ladder does the trick, while extension or telescoping ladders are better fits for RVs with more curved bodies that are harder to reach from a self-supporting ladder. But how do you know if your choice is a failsafe one? We’ve shortlisted our picks for the best ladder for RVing to take the guesswork out of your research.

Telesteps 1600EP Telescoping Extension Ladder

The collapsible design of this ladder makes this the perfect compact unit to keep on-board your RV or motorhome without taking up too much space, but that’s not all this ladder has going for it. With a reachable height of 16 feet this telescoping ladder gives you more than enough reach to safely access the roof and high sides of your RV, while still allowing you to keep the necessary clearance above the highest standing level without destabilizing yourself or your ladder as you work away.

A duty rating of 300 pounds makes this unit ideal for heavy-duty usage, the sturdy aluminum structure of this ladder not only making it highly durable and a rigid, long-wearing option to last you many years of heavy use, but also a lightweight one weighing in at just 25 pounds. An intuitive one-touch mechanism makes adjusting the ladder and collapsing it back to storage and carry modes a breeze, while the wide, angled steps give you a better, more comfortable foothold and greatly reduce the risks of you losing your footing. Since this is a non-self-supporting ladder, it’s perfect for accessing the roofs of curved RVs and motorhomes otherwise hard to reach from a self-supporting unit, as well as for straight-sided RVs.

GP Logistics SLDD6 6′ Compact Folding Ladder

A foldable, self-supporting A-frame ladder, this lightweight aluminum unit weighs just 22 pounds and folds into a portable, space-saving unit you can secure to your RV or stow inside it. With a duty rating of 225 pounds, this lightweight but durable ladder is easy to carry and use, double-sided access enabling flexibility of use and making this a versatile piece of hardware not just for repairing and cleaning up your motorhome or RV, but also for utilization around the home or yard to access hard to reach places. Anti-slip rubberized grip pads give the ladder’s feet the necessary friction needed to keep them from shifting when you’re on it, stability enhanced by tight-locking hinges. Roughly about 6 feet tall, the distance between the top rung and the ground is about 5 feet.

Telesteps 10ES Telescoping Ladder

Another rugged, Telescoping A-Frame Stepladder option that’ll give you the reach you need for your RV maintenance without eating up storage space, this ladder measures up to 7 feet in height, giving you plenty of room to scope out the top of the average RV without having to exceed the highest standing level and compromising stability and balance. The unit, structured out of lightweight but heavy-duty aluminum, is both rugged and portable, weighing just 18 pounds but with a duty rating of 375 pounds, and folding into a space-saving unit ideal for storage both on-board your RV or motorhome or in your garage.

Werner MT-13 Telescoping Multi-Ladder

If you’re on the lookout for a ladder that will serve more uses than just RV cleaning and maintenance, this is the multipurpose unit for you. The 13 feet unit (also available at heights of 17, 22 and 26 feet depending on your needs) certainly weighs more than the other units listed here, but at 28 pounds is still a reasonable tradeoff considering the rugged build and immense functionality it brings to the table. With multiple configurations, the ladder can be used both indoors and out, as a double-sided stepladder, a staircase stepladder, an extension ladder with telescoping sides and more.

Spring-loaded J-locks help hold your configurations and height adjustments in place, making this an incredibly versatile unit capable of accommodating your needs without you having to try and use a ladder not suited for the task at hand and potentially risking accidents and injuries. As a double-sided ladder, the unit has a duty rating of 300 pounds on both sides, with a wide-flared bottom and double riveted steps making this a sturdy and stable unit you can climb and use without risking being unstable or unsafe. Structured out of durable but lightweight aluminum, the ladder also features anti-slip grip pads to hold its feet rigidly in place and smooth rails to allow for comfortable climbing and support.


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