The Best Knee Pillow for Hip Pain

Hip pain, be it because of bursitis, osteoarthritis or sciatica, can make the lives of side sleepers particularly difficult. Apart from risking exacerbating the pain because of misplaced pressure on inflamed tendons, pinched nerves or the sacs cushioning our joints, poor sleeping posture might actually give rise to new problems, your hip twisting as you sleep or the weight of your upper leg pulling on your spine.

Sleeping on your back is an option, but with side-sleeping the overwhelmingly popular position most people prefer to sleep in (with enthusiasts of log-style and fetal position snoozing combined making up over half the population), some people just can’t get comfortable sleeping any other way. Though of course there are remedial actions you can take, from getting prescribed medication to light exercise and stretching, a simple solution that can make all the difference to your sleeping routine while still letting you stay comfy and maintain a healthy posture is knee pillows.

A good knee pillow unobtrusively keeps your upper leg elevated just so, maintaining the natural alignment of the spine and hips, keeping pressure off your joints, lower back and subsequently any sore or aching parts of the body. Since side sleeping is recommended for pregnant ladies, thanks to the improved blood circulation it promotes for both mother and baby, knee pillows are a handy way of alleviating the pressure on your hips experienced during and sometimes after pregnancy as well. So which knee pillows will leave you waking up refreshed, rather than with sore hips or with no sleep at all? Take a look at our picks.

ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Endorsed by chiropractors and physicians, this contoured pillow is an inexpensive, non-invasive solution not just to hip pains, but problems you might be experiencing because of arthritis, lower back pain, sciatica, or just as an all-round healthier way of side-sleeping while preventing any physical ailments from the misalignment of your body during the night.

The hourglass shape of the pillow wedges and settles comfortably anywhere between your legs, the curved sides keeping it from sliding out, even if you have to switch sides, without the trouble of adjusting and re-adjusting your pillow through the night. Premium grade, high density memory foam makes for a pillow that is both soft and comfortable to have tucked up against you, but also firm enough not to compress or flatten completely, keeping your upper leg elevated just enough to keep your spine and hips in the proper alignment, and preventing you from accidentally twisting or misaligning your hips.

This keeps the pressure off any injury, a brilliantly simple recipe for restful sleep for anything from hip or back pain to relieving some of the pressures the body experiences during pregnancy. This is also a good option to invest in if you are in a rehabilitative stage post hip surgery, giving you the support you need for the body to be naturally aligned and in resting position, with room to relax and recover. The pillow comes with a breathable, soft and kind to skin cover, keeping you from getting overheated over prolonged periods of contact, which can be removed and tossed into the washing machine when it’s time for laundry.

Contour Legacy Leg & Knee Foam Support Pillow

Another 100% high density memory foam knee pillow, we love the extra mile this orthopedic and affordable option goes to ensure your comfort. An adjustable and detachable strap lets you secure the pillow to one of your legs to give you that extra measure of security, the hourglass shape adhering to the curves of your legs and doing a better job not falling out, regardless of how fidgety a sleeper you are.

The unit also comes with two pairs of memory foam earplugs, handy if you’re a light sleeper and ambient noise like the night-time traffic (or a snoring partner, who might like to try side-sleeping with one of the knee pillows on this list to cut down on that habit) tends to disrupt your repose. The premium grade memory foam holds its shape and maintains the appropriate degree of support to keep your hips and spine aligned and to keep your hips from accidentally rolling or twisting while you sleep, featuring a removable cover you can zip off and throw into the wash on laundry day.

Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

100% visco-elastic, high density and hypoallergenic memory foam make this a top quality but inexpensive knee pillow to invest in to take the pained fidgeting and frustration out of your night-time routine. We love the little carrier bag the unit comes with, making it super handy for storage when not in use as well as for travel, so you never have to risk ruining your day with sore hips or an aching back even when you’re on overnight visits away from home.

Recommended by physical therapists and chiropractors, the contoured pillow is a snuggly option that’s nonetheless the right degree of supportive to hold up your leg and hips in the proper alignment so you don’t accidentally pull on your spine or twist your hip. Maintaining this neutral alignment allows your body to relax, and the improved blood circulation gives the injured area a chance to recover. The pillow is also a brilliant option to help bring relief and support to expectant mothers, taking off the pressure the body undergoes through the day and giving you a full night’s restful sleep.

Knee Pillow Pain Relief For Sciatic Nerve , Leg , Back , Pregnancy

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You might find this pillow described as a maternity pillow, but like all the other hourglass knee pillows on this list, this is just as useful and effective when tackling sciatic pain, back and hip pain, osteoarthritis and so on. The contours of the pillow let it wedge perfectly and comfortably between your legs, ensuring it doesn’t slide out as you sleep as flat pillows are prone to, while also promising a much greater degree of support than a down or flat pillow can. High quality memory foam retains its shape without bottoming out, the removable pillow cover letting you slip it off and wash it out when you need to.





Cushy Foam

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