The Best Humidifier for a Greenhouse

Like people, plants thrive with a certain degree of humidity in the air, keeping them hydrated and preventing them from withering out. Unlike people, though, most standard indoor humidifiers are usually not enough to meet the humidity requirements of plants, especially in a greenhouse. Depending on a plant’s native environment, it will have evolved to adapt to the humidity conditions of said environment, so you’ll find that while succulents like cacti and other plants originating in dry or arid regions don’t need too much humidity to thrive, plants from naturally humid regions have adapted with less moisture-retention capacities, and so in drier climates absolutely require the extra moisture to flourish and grow.

Though different plant species prefer different degrees of humidity, most fare well within a range of 40 to 70%, with narrower brackets within this range for different types and species, with even succulents preferring some humidity to grow healthy and well. And while a powerful counter- or table-top humidifier might work well for indoor houseplants, the number of plants and size of a greenhouse is going to require something a bit more heavy-duty, capable of moderating the moisture level for a larger area and to keep more of your greens appropriately hydrated and healthy for extended periods of time, without needing you to constantly refill a tank. Take a look at our picks for the best humidifier for greenhouses.

Propagation Mist Kit

Unlike humidifiers capable of maintaining the moisture content of mid-sized rooms for a couple of hours, a greenhouse will need something a bit more sophisticated and heavy-duty, to keep your plants in a constant and controlled environment. Foggers or misters are more appropriate, like our top pick, a mist kit sporting 8 adjustable misting nozzles with 360° swivel and direction adjustability to completely cover a wider space than possible with a single humidifier.

Operable with water pressure of 45 PSI, this do-it-yourself mist kit is simple to set up by yourself without requiring any professional assistance, easy to clean as well thanks to the intuitive assembly and simple to work with housing. The kit contains snap clips, nail-on clamps and cable ties to help you set the 50-inch UV-treated tubing (which is expandable to 100-inch with 20 mist nozzles if you’re looking to cover an even bigger area). A 200 mesh stainless steel filter helps catch impurities which might otherwise block the nozzles, the filter housing coming apart easily to let you clean it up. Used in conjunction with a 549 Mist Timer II helps to automate the machine and set it on a timer, so the greenhouse environment can be maintained even when you’re not around to moderate the ideal conditions.

CISNO Garden Patio Greenhouse Water Mister

Pocket-friendly and simple to set up, this misting system connects to a 1/2” 3/4” garden hose, mister nozzles and nylon cable ties to secure the tubing in place included with the kit. The misting system offers a jet diameter of about 80 cm, available in tube lengths of 10 meters or 20 meters. Eddy current nozzles prevent the unit from jamming, as well as a total of 10 mister nozzles (9 plastic tee nozzles and 1 plastic end nozzle) for all-around coverage. This is great for humidifying a largish space where you are growing plants, as well as for watering them when you’re away if you set it up with a timer.

Mxmoonant Ultrasonic Mist Maker

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A little more along the lines of the humidifiers you might be familiar with if you own one for your bedroom or office, this unit uses ultrasonic humidifying to break water apart into fine droplets diffused as a cool mist which floats in the air and is a brilliant and hydrating option for keeping your plants growing well. Set-up is simple and intuitive thanks to the easy to follow assembly instructions, the nebulizing unit with 10 humidifier heads engineered in an over-current protection circuit to keep the nozzles working independently of one another and preventing them from burning out.

The unit works by simply submerging the nebulizer in a container of clean water, ensuring the water level is not below the water level sensor switch, since the unit will then not be able to generate mist, or higher than the water level sensor switch since the unit will not be able to spray effectively. Also remember to use a container which will be able to handle heat, since the unit may generate heat while running. The nebulizer connects to a waterproof transformer, and gets this unit emitting cool and hydrating mist to keep your greenhouse appropriately humid.

Ideal-Air Humidifier | 200 Pint

A portable option outfitted with an industrial grade motor, this humidifier is capable of covering areas as big as 1,176 to 1,614 square feet (depending on factors like ceiling height etc. of the area in question), with a maximum moisture output of 200 pints per day. The unit is designed with a multidirectional fogging head for maximum coverage. Operation is as easy as hooking the unit up to your regular water supply using 6 mm or 1/4 inch plastic tubing.

Using the fogging head, you get directional output and a somewhat drier fog, so for thoroughly hydrating purposes and maximum moisture circulation, we recommend using the unit without the fogging head, unless you need to churn out the atomized water in a specific direction. The generated fog can rise up to 4 or 5 feet above the unit, so lonh as you remember not to overfill the reservoir pan for effective mist. Thanks to the carry handle, you can easily move the unit where you need it, so long as you have a water supply outlet within easy access.



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How Stuff Works


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