The Best Himalayan Salt Lamp for Eczema

It’s difficult to narrow down precisely what causes eczema – doctors have linked it to genetics, deficiencies in the immune system or sensitive skin unable to keep moisture in and irritants out, but for children and adults alike, the condition, characterized by dry, itchy and inflamed skin, is hardly pleasant to deal with. While it may be difficult to pin down a specific cause for the condition, we do know some of the factors which can exacerbate irritation – friction with certain types of materials, exposure to excess humidity or moisture and pollutants, as well as flare-ups occurring as a side-effect to conditions like colds, infections or allergies can all contribute to an eczema breakout.

Treatments can include anything from medication, stress-relief exercises and changing up your skincare routine to suit, repair and protect sensitive skin, but as some dermatologists point out, control is a more realistic goal than cure when it comes to eczema. Maintaining safe environments at home, taking quick, short showers, maintaining the right level of humidity, and keeping the air we breathe in allergen- and pollutant-free are some DIY cautionary steps we can take to keep eczema breakouts under control. And one popular remedy for skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis gaining increasing traction state-side is Himalayan salt. You may find these on the ingredient list of an organic, skin-loving bar of soap, in the health-food aisles of your grocery store or

You may find these on the ingredient list of an organic, skin-loving bar of soap, in the health-food aisles of your grocery store or in the form of a lamp, but mineral-rich Himalayan salt is often championed as a miracle cure for anything from asthma, breathing and allergy problems to exfoliating and clearing out skin to leave it baby-soft and good as new. Undoubtedly, this is good news for patients of eczema, as a non-invasive, 100% natural means of treatment. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our picks for the best Himalayan salt lamps to keep eczema at bay, breaking down how exactly they help.

The Body Source Himalayan Salt Lamp 8-10 inches

Stopping by a therapeutic salt cave or soaking in a salt-infused bath isn’t always practical, but one thing we can have around our homes at all times are natural Himalayan salt lamps, and our top pick is one we were hard put to find anything negative about. When switched on, Himalayan salt lamps – not just this unit but all authentic lamps – generate negative ions, which bond with and remove harmful contaminants from the air, including infection-causing bacteria, dust mites and other allergens, as well as helping improve blood circulation and your respiratory and immune systems, thus enhancing the body’s ability to expel toxins before they can cause a reaction. Using this particular unit around the home has led to quite an impressive number of testimonials by people who’ve noticed an improvement in their allergies, their ability to sleep deeply and restfully and the mood-boosts they experience with the lamps around.

Salt lamps aren’t only great for their negative ionization abilities though – they are naturally hygroscopic, meaning they draw in water from the atmosphere, which is often why you’ll find your lamps sweating as they gather all that moisture. Now, while dry environments are a contributor to eczema outbreaks and a humidifier is recommended to add moisture to the air, excessive humidity can also be bad news, since it creates breeding grounds for allergy-causing mold, mildew and other contaminants. This lamp’s ability to dehumidify its surrounding spaces, and at the same time remove potential irritants which might spark off a cold, asthma attack or allergic reaction which might in turn worsen an eczema condition, makes it a great natural remedy to include in the home.

Health benefits aren’t the only great things about this lamp, though. There’s nothing quite like the warm, sunset-y glow an orange-pink salt lamp emanates, with its subtle, calming nuances and ethereal appearance, and these hand-mined lamps, packaged with immaculate care and with the extra blessing of great customer service to boot, will flatter any indoor space with their rustic charm. A dimmable light switch lets you set the degree of brightness you’re looking for, perhaps going for some stronger radiance when you have guests over or are working at your desk or dimmed down low when you’re using the dusky lights scientifically proven to lull you to sleep, compared to sleep-disrupting blue and white lights. The lamp comes affixed to a wooden base, which keeps the sweating rock slab from making contact with wooden surfaces and ruining the burnish.

d’aplomb 100% Authentic Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Carved out of 100% naturally occurring Himalayan salt, these lamps come with a dimmable light option that lets you set the perfect ambience, from attractive evening lighting emulating sunset and negating the effect of all that blue light from our TV screens, replacing candles at the dinner table for a warm romantic glow, or as a night light to ease you into sleep. Either way, along with being a pretty little addition to your décor and ambience, the lamp also helps keep you healthier with its natural negative ionization capabilities and hygroscopic dehumidifying – especially for those prone to eczema breakouts. The lamp comes with a durable and attractive Indian rosewood base, both enhancing its appearance as well as keeping the sweating surface of the lamp away from polished wooden surfaces.


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