The Best Drying Rack for Cloth Diapers

Convenient and tempting as it is to throw a bucket-load of just washed laundry into the dryer and leave it be, it’s not always the best at handling our clothes gently. When it comes to cloth diapers, this is even more of a problem – tumble-drying them can start wearing down the fabric, damage or pull off the liners and weaken zippers. Air drying is the safer way to go, promising longevity not just for cloth diapers but all clothing, and certainly cutting down on your electricity bills. Occasionally tumble-drying on low to keep the fabric soft and prevent bacterial build-up is recommended, but overall, air drying helps cloth diapers last longer. Whether you have an accessible patio or balcony, or a narrow space close to a window just enough to hook up a set of cloth diapers to dry, here are our top picks for the best drying racks for your baby’s swaddling clothes.

CRESNEL Clothes Drying Rack

The foldable, space-saving design of this rack, along with the rust-proof, stainless steel construction letting us use it both outdoors and in, are among a handful of features landing it at the top of this list. For starters, we love that we get to dry an entire wash load’s worth of laundry on this rack, getting more done be it because of a mass washing spree of exclusively cloth diapers, or the entire family’s laundry for the day. Despite the capacity, with its two adjustable angled sets of parallel bars and a fixed set of bars between the rack legs, the slim, lightweight design and sturdy construction is perfect for use in smaller, compact indoor spaces, since you can pull it out and use it anywhere (ideally a spot that receives a decent amount of sun) and simply tuck it away when your clothes are done drying. The rack is easy to set up, hinged so as to let you fold and unfold it without requiring any tools or elaborate set-ups. Dimensions of this unit clock in at 58” x 24” x 40”.

HANGERWORLD 20 Clip Hanging Laundry Drying Rack

From your shower rod, curtain rods or a pipe in the laundry room, you can stick up this compact little contraption and dry 20 individual pieces of smaller clothing, like napkins, bibs and cloth diapers, or bigger and heavier fabrics – including half a dozen pairs of jeans. The sturdy 12 pound capacity of this simple but brilliantly designed drying rack makes it just right for drying up a day’s load of cloth diapers when having a bulkier floor rack becomes inconvenient to have around indoors. Heavy-duty clips securely grip your clothes in place without the risk of snapping in two, adjustable and moveable along the bars so you can move two clips closer to hold up a bigger or heavier item of clothing. You also have the option of hanging up your clothes hangers along this budget friendly rack’s bars to make full use of the rack’s flexible capacity.

Pro Chef Kitchen Tools Laundry Drying Rack

If you’ve ever doubted that a contraption intended for functionality might still manage to be aesthetic, take a look at this polished stainless steel drying rack with its minimalistic but tasteful design. Not only does this rack look great – and make you feel less guilty about hooking it up somewhere in plain sight – but it works just as great too. The spring-mechanized wire clips are far better at gripping and holding on to your clothes, from diapers to shirts and jeans, without breaking apart like many flimsier wooden and plastic alternatives on the market. With two concentric circles of 18 clothespins, the rack is designed to space out the pegs to allow the most efficient airflow, while the latched hook ensures you can secure the rack anywhere from your shower rod to a curtain rod at a window with the best sunlight, the rugged stainless steel construction ensuring it won’t fall off or break even if there’s a stiff breeze. Also rust- and water-proof, you won’t have to worry about the rack or pegs leaving marks on your clothes, or falling apart from exposure to the elements – the durable hook and suspension chain can hold up under the weight of damp clothes without sagging or warping, saving you a ton of floor space in the process.


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