The Best Dog Bed for French Bulldogs

For all their adorably stout little builds and small scrunched faces, French bulldogs are known for the constant litany of noise they can make, disproportionate to their sizes – grunts, wheezes, snorts and of course alarmingly loud snores when they sleep are all part of the package of owning a Frenchie. As adorable as this is as a quirk of the breed, these noises are actually the result of a French bulldog’s short snout, inherently making it difficult for them to breathe (especially a problem if they get too overheated or overexerted) and resulting in a slew of oddball yips and yaps often compared to their equivalent of spoken language.

This makes Frenchies better indoor pets, scooting around smaller spaces and being the playful little goofballs they are rather than putting their health at risk from prolonged periods of time spent outdoors. Frenchies thrive on human companionship and can be charmingly needy, demanding attention and care from their humans, and one of the ways we can help keep them as happy as they keep us is to make sure they get enough rest at the end of the day, in a comfortable, ideally air-conditioned environment, where they don’t risk overheating. One of the best ways of ensuring this is to give your puppy his or her own hand-picked dog bed, and while the sleeping habits of different puppies will be different, we’ve put together our picks for the most versatile dog beds to let your Frenchie get the most out of a night’s rest.

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler

A grown French bulldog weighs between 16 to 24 pounds for females and 20 to 28 pounds for males, and needs a bed with the right size and support to let it snooze comfortably. Whether your Frenchie prefers to conk out on its side, likes to curl up, or sprawls about on its tummy, this 30 inch by 26 inch by 10 inch dog bed is the perfect size for an adult Frenchie to sleep however it pleases. The high bolstered sides are comforting to puppies who like to snuggle or are too anxious to sleep out in the open, as well as for dogs who like to pillow their heads against something soft to nod off. In fact, this bed is just the right size and shape to last your Frenchie a lifetime, the therapeutic, fleece-cushioned seating comforting to older dogs who might be experiencing stiffness or soreness in their limbs and muscles and need a little comforting relief when they sleep. The opening along the bolstered side also makes it easier for older and less agile dogs to make their way in and out of the bed without having to jump over the side.

The pet bed is designed for ease of use, the soft, snuggly cushion removable from the outer nest, and both machine-washable to manage all that dander. The upper section is a durable, soft cotton covering that’ll soothe even the cuddliest of Frenchies, with a waterproof bottom section to withstand any ‘accidents’ your puppy may have. The polyester-cotton-fleece combination also makes for a feather-soft, breathable dog bed that’ll keep your Frenchie comfy and cool through the night.

Aspen Pet Oval with Bone Applique

Just right for dogs who like to ‘nest’ – the act of padding around in a circular motion in an instinctive attempt to soften up the place so they can curl in to sleep – this 20 inch by 16 inch by 5.5 inch bed is stuffed with downy polyester fiber fill, as comfy as we imagine sleeping on a cloud to be. The raised, bolstered sides keep the cold out while letting your puppy feel secure and snuggled in, the plush cushioned seat perfect for puppies who like to curl up while still big enough to let your Frenchie stretch and sprawl about. The fabric, while durable enough to last several washes in your washing machine and the attacks of a restless puppy in a chewing frenzy, is still breathable, so you won’t have to worry about your Frenchie overheating as it sleeps.

Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler 

Perfect for senior Frenchies with aching and sore joints and muscles, this diverse orthopedic dog bed comes in 11 styles, the fleecy Sherpa material making this bed delectably soft and a breeze to keep clean. The breathable, lightweight fabric helps our furry friends keep cool in warmer weather, while insulating them just right when temperatures dip lower. The textured fleecy material, as well as the all-enclosed structure of the bed, evokes a furry, comforting embrace for dogs (and cats) to doze off in, letting them feel safe and secure. The 12-inch high back wall gives support to aching limbs and joints, while the shorter, 9-inch front and sides is just low enough for your pet to rest their head on as they sleep or laze about. The bed is machine-washable, with a nylon bottom which resists moisture-damage and dirt, making it easy to clean and dry as well as highly durable.


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