The Best Clippers for Angora Rabbits

If you’ve ever heard the advice that you must absolutely not clip a rabbit’s hair, it’s fair to point out that, technically, this isn’t incorrect. Short-haired rabbits only need a little trimming with a pair of scissors and regular brushing to get rid of old or dead fur and detangle patches which may become matted. Long-haired rabbits, on the other hand, like Angora rabbits or Jersey Woollys, don’t exactly grow typical rabbit fur – they grow wool. And this absolutely necessitates grooming, because overlong hair can become painfully matted for your bunny, as well as breeding grounds for allergens trapped in your bunny’s fur or even choking hazards if ingested when your bunny is grooming itself, which actually has the potential of killing them. With Angora rabbits’ fine and thick coats, any old clipper won’t cut it, especially as rabbits have delicate skin and naturally docile, sometimes nervous dispositions – here are our picks for the best clippers you can use to groom your Angora rabbits.

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper with #40 Blade

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This professional grade pet clipper is famous for good reason, but we particularly recommend it for its versatility of use with different length blades – in this case, the brand’s Cryogenic-X #40 blade. Designed with Oster’s patented cryogenic treatment technology to resist rust, corrosion and dulling, they remain sharp for longer and don’t pose the risk of you accidentally yanking on your bunny’s hair while grooming them. The grooved comb is designed to disperse heat, to reduce how frequently or how much the blades heat up, with several Angora rabbit parents recommending #40 blades as the appropriate length to cut through thick bunny fur.

The clipper’s versatility with different blade lengths and guide combs also makes it a multitasking clipper handy if you have other pets in need of the occasional trimming, including long-haired pups like Goldendoodles with the standard #10 length blade the clipper already comes with. With two adjustable speeds allowing you to control the grooming process and pace as you and your bunny adapt to it, the quiet universal motor keeps the noise relatively low, so you won’t be alarming your rabbits as you use it.

Like the blades of most clippers, the Cryogenic-X #40 might also get heated up after extended use – we recommend using a coolant as well as regularly spaced breaks to keep the blade and device from overheating. You could also invest in a couple of back-up blades, to switch out a heated one while you use a replacement as it cools. For the best effect, and to avoid accidentally hurting your bunny, we recommend bathing and brushing out your bunny first to get rid of tangles and loose hair, as well as holding its skin taut and touching the tip of the blade to the skin while angling it to ensure that there is no skipping or snagging.

INLIFE Rechargeable Pet Clippers

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Many Angora rabbit specialists and parents recommend using a cordless clipper, since the best way of grooming your bunny is often by placing him or her on a table or on your lap, often upside down and in between the knees to get at the fur on their tummies. Not needing to worry about a cord is also one less thing to have to keep in mind when you’re trying to keep your bunny calm and relaxed, the lightweight slender design also making it easier for you to work it through your pet’s fur. The rechargeable battery can operate smoothly for over an hour at a go at full charge, the R type obtuse processing tech of the titanium blades reducing all likelihood of cutting, catching or snagging on your bunny’s skin while a set of 4 combs let you manage how long you want its hair to be. Designed to keep the noise low, not only is the muted operation of the clipper less likely to distress or unnerve your pet, but so is it’s ability to keep cooler than other clippers on the market.

Bonve Pet Clippers

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Running for 6 hours on end with a fully charged battery, this cordless clipper is a handy tool to use anywhere in your home without being restricted to a power socket. The cordless design allows you a lot more freedom and flexibility of movement, while the long battery life does not necessitate frequent pauses and prolonging an experience neither you or your pet are likely to be fond of. The 33 teeth ceramic titanium blade is designed for smooth clipping without snagging or catching on skin, with 4 guide combs to let you control the length you wish to leave your rabbit’s fur. 5 speed options also give you better control of the process, letting you go slow and steady if this is your first time grooming your rabbit.

The kit also includes a stainless steel comb and a pair of scissors, as well as a cleaning brush, so you’ve got a complete grooming kit right at your fingertips for all your bunny’s grooming needs.

Wahl 8787-450A MiniArco Professional Cord/Cordless Pet Trimmer Kit

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Whisper quiet and innately cooling, this is a highly pet-friendly clipper to use, especially around a nervous little rabbit. The dual cord and cordless functionality lets you use the clipper both while plugged in, as well as wire-free for up to 45 minutes on battery, especially useful if your pet tends to be skittish or if your preferred clipping location is not near a power socket. Along with 2 dual-sided combs to let you choose among different lengths for your rabbit’s coat, this lightweight, slim clipper comes with a #30 stainless steel blade to get in through an Angora rabbit’s thick coat with maximum precision, a chrome finish making it rust- and damage-resistant as well.


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