The Best Ceiling Fan with Bright Lights

A ceiling fan might be the simple answer to keeping cool without relying solely on your air-conditioner, but picking the right one is anything but. Don’t fret, we don’t mean ceiling fans require colossal effort and time to purchase – but there are a couple of caveats involved in making sure you pick the right one. And if you’re looking for one which also doubles as a light-source? You’re going to want an option worth every penny. Take a look at our picks for the best ceiling fans with bright light.

Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-Blade Single Light Ceiling Fan

This 52 inch fan is the perfect option for wide spaces like open air living-rooms or other sprawling layouts, up to or above 350 square feet. With a 60 watt candelabra light fixture, this classy contraption comes in three sleek designs, whether you’re going for something as sophisticated as cherry oak, a little edgy with brushed nickel detailing, or an option in pure, snow white. The light comes enclosed in a tasteful toffee or frosted glass bowl, enhancing the visual appeal and helping it stand out as a centerpiece in your room’s décor.

This heavy-duty ceiling fan circulates air at 5102 cubic feet per meter (CFM) – referring to the volume of air the fan’s capable of moving around per minute, letting you keep even the widest of open spaces cool during the summer. Due to the three-position mounting system, you can flush mount it in low-ceilinged rooms, suspend it via down rod in higher-ceilinged rooms, or adjust it for angled ceilings as well.

The 3-speed motor comes with patented WhisperWind technology, which, combined with its five classically stylish blades, allow for quiet, noiseless operation. It also comes with a handy reversible feature, letting you switch to updraft mode to circulate warm air around during winters, and pull cords to easily switch it on or off and adjust speeds. This fan also comes with the Energy Star label – meaning it’s up to 20% more energy efficient than non-certified fans on the market, helping keep the figures down on your electricity bills.

Litex Industries – 52″ Flushmount Ceiling Fan

A ceiling hugging fan ideal for low-ceilinged rooms (up to 8 feet high), this 52 inch budget option can still keep the air circulating in wide, open spaces with ease. A combination of tasteful and practical, the fan is not overstated with its satin nickel detailing or the three frosted glass shades capable of holding 60 watt candelabra bulbs. The fan comes with adjustable speeds and a reversible motor, letting you use it both during the summer for a wind chill effect – experiencing a decrease in temperature due to air flow over skin – as well as winter to circulate warm pockets of air around the room. Already balanced, the fan will not wobble, the four-bladed construction offering relatively quiet air flow.

Westinghouse Contempra IV Indoor Ceiling Fan

Another 52 inch fan great for larger rooms and wide spaces, this five-bladed fan comes with four frosted glass light fixtures with a snowy white finish, for housing 60 watt candelabra bulbs. With a tasteful design to complement both classic and contemporary décor, this fan comes with a reversible motor, making it versatile for use all year around. You can choose from five attractive wood and metal finishes, from dark cherry to oak, and polished to antique brass detailing.

Thanks to the powerful cold-rolled steel motor – which allows for three adjustable speeds – the fan offers airflow of 4,410 CFM, making for great air flow and circulation, with little wobble and noise to detract from these pros. A flush mount fan, this device is ideal for rooms with low ceilings, up to around 8 feet high – note that it can’t be suspended from higher ceilings using a length of down rod. Westinghouse ceiling fans are also designed to be more energy saving and efficient than typical ceiling fans, with an air flow efficiency 57 cubic feet per minute per watt, falling within the range of ideal efficiency desired from an energy saving ceiling fan.

kathy ireland HOME Snugger Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Smaller than the other entries in this list, this 42 inch ceiling hugger is still big enough to fully accommodate a large space such as a bedroom or living-room, with enough coverage for an area up to 175 square feet (though still available at 52 inches for spaces as large as 350 square feet). Unlike our top pick, this fan is not adjustable to ceiling type – a flush mount model, it’s best used for low-ceilinged rooms up to 8 feet or so high. Compatible with Emerson light kits LK53 and LK65, depending on your preference, the fan can be used both with and without lights, housed in a frosted glass bowl with various available metal finishes from brushed steel to oil rubbed bronze, to be used with candelabra lightbulbs.

The five blades of this fan come with a 12 degree pitch or angle, to ensure maximum air circulation and efficiency of air flow, the number of blades ensuring a quieter, smoother operation. The blades are available in elegant wood finishes in either dark cherry or medium oak, with fittings in brushed steel, appliance white or oil rubbed bronze, perfect for tying together any type of interior décor seamlessly. Promising to reduce your air conditioner’s utility bills by 40%, this traditionally inspired ceiling fan comes at 4692 CFM of air flow, keeping you several degrees cooler and those utility costs down.

Endorsed by Energy Star and with an airflow efficiency of 93 cubic feet per minute per watt – making it significantly more energy efficient than many alternatives available on the market – you get to lay off both your air conditioner and thermostat with this cost-effective option, in-built with a reversible feature that lets you use it all year around. Like our top pick, it can be operated both via wall switch and pull cords suspended from the fan, to turn it on or off and to swap amongst three available speeds.


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