The Best Ceiling Fan for Covered Patios

It stands to reason that a ceiling fan intended for the outdoors needs to be tougher than any you have indoors – whether or not they are directly exposed to the elements, a fan in an outdoor area like a covered patio, for instance, needs to be able to withstand humidity, moisture and dampness, something indoor ceiling fans are simply not designed to do.

In fact, using an indoor fan outside poses potential shorting risks, which might even result in a fire. It’s imperative, then, to make sure you use a fan appropriately designed and rated for outdoor use – in the case of a covered patio, one with a UL or ETL damp rating. These fans, while not built to endure exposure to rain, snow or harsh winds, fare well against the humidity and moisture one might expect outdoors, and are perfect for your patio or deck. Interested? Here are our top picks.

Luminance WiFi Smart Ceiling Fan, 60 Inch

This smart ceiling fan is your ideal choice for a covered patio setting. With convenient remote control, it effortlessly syncs with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, or you can manage it via a smartphone app. The fan kit offers six-speed options and adjustable light settings, ensuring ultimate comfort in your outdoor space.

With its innovative DC EcoMotor at the helm, this fan is an eco-conscious and energy-efficient choice for your covered patio. By using up to 75% less energy than its traditional counterparts, it not only keeps your energy bills in check but also ensures a gentle and noise-free cooling experience. This remarkable energy-saving feature not only makes your outdoor space more comfortable but also contributes to your overall sustainability efforts.

Hunter Bridgeport 52-Inch ETL Damp Listed Ceiling Fan

Bundling quality and value into a budget-friendly package, this outdoor fan is perfect for covered areas like your deck or patio. Bearing both an Energy Star endorsement, so you can look forward to lower utility bills as you keep cool this summer, and an ETL verification for use in damp areas, this heavy-duty outdoor fan is deceptively crafted to look classically chic, available in either plain snowy white, new bronze or textured wood designs.

A combination of hardy plastic and metallic components, this incredibly durable fan comes with Hunter’s signature WhisperWind technology, offering 5671 CFM of airflow with negligible noise or wobble. The 52 inch contraption is perfect for areas up to 360 square feet, the down rod installation style letting you fit it into high ceilinged patios with ease. To make this even more of the ideal outdoor fan to invest in, its five blades are coated with the patented Dust Armor nanotechnology, so you won’t have to worry about dust building up on the blades when the fan isn’t in use.

Hunter Fan Company Hunter 54098 Tropical/British Colonial 54“Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan can as much be an element of your home’s décor as it is an essential appliance to make warmer months more bearable, and this fan proves just that. A gorgeous, 54 inch fan with blades designed to evoke palm fronds, you can add a tropical touch to your patio or deck with its provencal gold design and dark, antique wicker detailing.

Big enough to offer enough coverage for an area over 350 square feet, this fan also comes with the patented WhisperWind technology of our previous entry, making it one of the quietest, most energy efficient and effective outdoor fans you’ll find on the market. With an airflow capacity of 5803 CFM, this metal-and-heavy-duty-plastic reinforced fan will effortlessly resist water- and weather-damage despite its artistically dainty appearance, the blades actually angled at a pitch of 13 degrees for optimum air flow with a powerful motor and five blades to ensure it doesn’t wobble or emit noise. Energy Star certified and ETL damp rated, you can mount this fan via down rod from high ceilings without worry.

Westinghouse Deacon 52″ Five-Blade Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A versatile 52 inch ceiling fan you can use both indoors and outdoors, this rugged fan still manages to pull off stylish chic with its textured wooden designs. With enough coverage to keep any area within 360 square feet properly cool, the powerful cold-rolled steel motor with its triple capacitor allows for airflow of 5087 CFM as well as smooth, quiet and wobble-free operation.

Available in a variety of finishes from polished espresso to brushed pewter, you are sure to find a design that will not only seamlessly tie together the décor of your selected outdoor space, but is also completely weather-resistant at the same time, bearing a UL listing for use in damp areas. With a down rod mounting system, the fan can be adjusted for high ceilinged rooms or patios with ease, equipped with a reversible feature that lets you use it all year round. Westinghouse products are also designed to be energy efficient, with this particular fan designed with an airflow efficiency of 94 CFM per watt, an impressive figure falling above the average CFM per watt stats many other options on the market bear.


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