The Best Armchair For Watching TV

In our quest to nail the perfect fengshui-worthy interior décor for our living rooms or dens, we often forgo one of the most important elements of picking furniture – comfort. After all, as much as the pair of overstuffed armchairs we picked for the den might exude an aura of inviting warmth and comfort, or the straight-backed Queen Annes speak volumes about taste and class, the fact remains that if this happens to be the room we’re planning to watch TV in, looks aren’t going to be the most important thing.

How we sit, after all, has a long-term impact on how healthy our posture is and the likelihood of us developing or exacerbating back, joint and posture issues, and if we’re planning to spend the weekend binge-watching Game of Thrones, we need a seat that won’t just keep us snug and comfy, but also help support our body such that we don’t end up putting undue strain on ourselves. Deep, all-consuming couches which swallow us whole aren’t the answer, nor is anything else that we have to clamber in and out of, our knees scrunched up because the seat is too low or our feet dangling because the seat is too high. So which armchair is the best companion for our Netflix marathons? Here are our top picks.

Esright Massage Recliner Chair

It’s small wonder that this chair nails the top spot on our list – it’s practically built to deliver the best TV-watching experience you could hope to have. We aren’t just talking about the super-convenient features of dual cup-holders so we won’t have to leave in the middle of a football match to grab some water or soda, or the handy storage bags we can stick TV guides and remotes into and never have to lose them in between couch cushions again – this chair is likely to become your throne in front of the TV, and for good reason.

The plushy couch is upholstered in polyurethane leather, so maintenance is a breeze even if you accidentally spill soda or ketchup while camping out in this chair (which we won’t judge you for – considering just how much this armchair pampers you, we’d be loathe to get out of it too). 360-degree swivel allows you to simply spin your chair around to get at the snack table or a coffee mug you can’t keep in your chair’s cup-holder, while a recline function that lets the backrest lean back up to 150 degrees lets you rest your back and keep the strain off your muscles and joints as you relax with your choice of entertainment without worrying about bad posture.

In fact, if you’ve been having a particularly bad day or week taking a toll on your back, this chair rises to the occasion not only with lumbar heating to soothe your lower back, but also 5 massage modes and 2 intensity levels so all that sitting doesn’t leave you stiff, all operable by remote control. We don’t know about you, but to us this is the epitome of luxury, and the best way to spend a lazy Sunday (though if you are planning to make it a day of catching up to all the episodes of Twin Peaks you missed, we do recommend a couple of breaks to walk around, stretch, or do some yoga as you indulge yourself).

Giantex Recliner Chair, Massage Winback

This budget-friendly recliner is a versatile choice for relaxation, making it perfect for TV time. Its adjustable backrest allows you to find your ideal reclining angle, ranging from 90 to 160 degrees. Adding to your comfort, it features an extending footrest for full relaxation.

But what truly sets this recliner apart is its multifunctionality. It’s not just a chair; it’s also a massage oasis. Offering 8 massage modes and 2 vibrating nodes thoughtfully placed on the lumbar area, you can indulge in a personalized massage experience. The provided corded remote control ensures easy customization, including massage time options.

This chair is designed for ultimate comfort, with a high-density sponge-filled linen seat featuring elastic springs. The wide armrest, curved backrest, and comfy footrest match your body’s contours, promoting relaxation.

In terms of design, this recliner seamlessly blends into any room with its timeless and elegant look. It complements your decor effortlessly and includes side pockets for storage. The smooth surface is low-maintenance, ensuring your chair always looks its best.

This recliner is more than just furniture; it’s a complete relaxation package, offering comfort, style, and functionality for your home.

Best Selling Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair

We’re hard put to find a flaw with this one – everything from its functionality as a brilliant recliner to its gorgeous design has us enamored. The light beige upholstery is a classic both subtle and statement-making, with a clean, minimalistic design aesthetic that easily makes this armchair a great, timeless addition to our living rooms. An in-built footrest pops out to let you angle your feet just right to prevent any unwanted strains and pulls and to give your aching legs some well-deserved rest, while two adjustable reclining positions let you lean back and give your spine the right support as you settle down to watch the Super Bowl. The foamy, high backrest, plush wide seat cushion and broad cushy armrests all make this as much an indulgence as a great ergonomic solution to the aches and cramps we otherwise end up facing when stuck sitting in front of the TV.


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