How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Making cold brew coffee is both fun and easy to do, all you’ll need is coarsely ground beans for cold brew, a cold brew maker, some ice, and then any extras you’d like such as milk, cream, and sugar.

Before starting please note that it will take time and preparation to make each batch of cold brew, it often takes around 6 hours at room temperature and then additional time in the refrigerator to chill.

Step 1.) You will want to take your cold brew maker with a mesh filter and add the recommended amount of coarsely ground coffee beans into the filter. You can find specially marked “cold brew” ground beans on Amazon that is meant for cold brewing.

Step 2.) You will want to fill the container with room temperature water up to the designated point if your cold brew maker has lines to indicate where to fill it. If not just make sure that it is not overflowing, but covers the mesh container which will slowly release the coffee flavor.

Step 3.) Let the container sit for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature on your kitchen counter, do not refrigerate yet!

Step 4.) Once the coffee has “brewed” at room temperature, you will want to place the coffee into the fridge overnight.

Step 5.) Your cold brew is now complete, you can now pour a glass and add any extras such as milk, cream, sugar, and additional ingredients to your liking. Pair with ice cubes and you’ve got yourself an amazing cup of cold brewed ice coffee!

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